Puppet Video


A puppet video is a short skit or story created with virtual or real puppets.


Initial Setup

  1. If you’re going to use virtual puppets, download a puppet video app.
  2. If you’re going to use real puppets, you’ll need to borrow or purchase finger puppets and setup your recording area. A table with an uncluttered background works well, and a tripod is recommended. You can use an external video camera or a built-in laptop video camera. iPad cameras can work well too.
  3. Create an account on a video sharing website where you’ll upload and share your videos.

Ongoing Use

  1. Plan and storyboard your video. Optionally, create a script.
  2. Record and export/compress your video.
  3. Upload your video to a sharing site.


Virtual Puppet Apps for iPad

  1. Puppet Pals Director’s Pass HD ($3, recommended) or Puppet Pals Pocket (free)
  2. Sock Puppets (free but in-app purchases required for extra features)
  3. Toontastic (free version or $13 for “all access”)
  4. iStopmotion for iPad ($10, similar to puppet video apps but different)

Video sharing sites

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo


  1. Santa Goes to Washington DC (Puppet Pals)
  2. Yakkinn: Monique, Amy and Jema (Puppet Pals)
  3. Lessons Learned from GPS (finger puppets)
  4. Pray Consistently to God (finger puppets)
  5. More on share.playingwithmedia.com

* Image attribution: Digital drawing created by Wesley Fryer on Brushes for iPad

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  1. Tannis

    This is really interesting and I have really enjoyed looking through it! However, about half of the articles just say “text” where the useful information would be. Is there something wrong on my end?

    1. I drafted this page today! I’ll be adding more in the weeks and months ahead, but hopefully these links and examples will get you started.

  2. Penny Ellin

    Some great puppet apps that I have been using in my Indonesian lessons are Story maker HD and puppet pals HD. We also like using Toontastic to create our own animated texts. bagus sekali!

    1. I still have 4 of these to finish up – I’m working on getting them finished in the next couple weeks. This fall I’m also adding videos to each one. I have 8 of the 12 drafted at this point… this is one I still need to finish, however.

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