These are additional resources and websites I recommend related to Common Core and Media Creation / Sharing. Note some resource categories are linked to separate pages.

Digital Portfolios

QR Codes

  1. Free website for QR code creation
  2. iOS apps
    1. i-Nigma (free, fastest scanning)
    2. QR Code Beamer (free, can CREATE QR codes as well as scan)
    3. Qrafter (free, does batch-scanning, paid-upgrade required to create codes)

eBooks & eReports

  1. “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” by Wesley Fryer (2011)
  2. “What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media” by Scott McLeod and Chris Lehmann  (2011)
  3. “The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture” by Jackie Gerstein (2012)
  4. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Reports on Digital Media and Learning (on Scribd)
  5. “Digitally Speaking” by Erik Palmer (2012)

Books (not available digitally)

  1. “The Children’s Machine: Rethinking School In The Age Of The Computer” by  Seymour Papert

iPad in Education

  1. iPad Media Camp (@ipadmediacamp)
  2. iPad Resources (from July 2012 iPad Media Camp)
  3. iPad With Wes (@ipadwithwes)
  4. The Padagogy Wheel (@AllanADL)
  5. I Want My Students to…. (@EdTechTeacher21)
  6. Mirror iPad, iPhone, iPod to Your Screen for Free by Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent)
  7. Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent)
  8. Using iPads to Enhance Teaching and Learning by Joe Dale (@joedale) on Classroom 2.0 Live (@liveclass20)

Websites by Wes

  1. Student Media Examples: Showcasing Student Work
  2. Moving at the Speed of Creativity” (blog of Wesley Fryer)
  3. Moving at the Speed of Creativity Podcasts” (primary educational podcast channel of Wes Fryer)
  4. Fuel for Educational Change Agents” (secondary educational podcast channel of Wes Fryer)
  5. Educational blogs to which Wesley subscribes
  6. Educational “Yodas” Wesley follows on Twitter

Other Websites

  1. K-12 Online Conference (free annual asynchronous web conference for teachers)
  2. Storychasers (empowering digital witnesses on the global stage)
  3. Common Core and Educational Technology (@ccedtech)


Make Music

View more lists from Wesley Fryer

More Book Reccs (some related to digital tech, some not)


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App Smashing to YouTube

Description: One of the most powerful ways to use mobile devices in the classroom is to help students share their voices online on a classroom YouTube channel. In app smashing to YouTube, we will explore and demonstrate how to go from a planning storyboard, to a video creation iPad app, to the teacher iPad with AirDrop …

Digital Portfolios

  A “digital portfolio” can mean different things depending on context. In “Show What You Know with Media,” a digital portfolio is defined as a web-accessible archive of student work. An essential feature of a digital portfolio is an index / table of contents page which links directly to different samples of student work. Digital …

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