Narrated Image

Narrated Image

A narrated image project includes a photo, drawing or collage, shared with accompanying audio narration.


Initial Setup

  1. Create an account on a free web service listed under “tools” below.
  2. If you have a mobile device, download and install the app for the service you’re using.
  3. If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, obtain and test a microphone if you don’t have a built-in mic.
  4. Test the website and the narrated slideshow PUBLISHING process in the location / on the network you will use with students.

Ongoing Use

  1. Login to your app or website.
  2. Click record and record your audio narration.
  3. Take a photo of your art or select an existing image from your photo library.
  4. Enter the meta data (title, description, etc) for each episode.
  5. Click upload.


The following table compares seven FREE websites/apps for creating narrated art projects. (Last updated 25 February 2015. The March 2013 version is also available.) *

ToolBrowser basedFree hostingiOS appAndroid appMultiple photosAccepts audio uploadsVideo exportCan phonecastLimits w free accountPro accounts available
Voice Record ProNn/aYNNNYNMust post to another site like YouTuben/a
Shadow Puppet EDUNYYNYNYNUse up to 100 items per video and record up to 30 minutesN
iPadioYYYYNYNYRecordings up to 60 minutesN
AudioBoomYYYYNYNNRecordings up to 3 minutesY
SoundCloudYYYYNYNN3 hours of total recordingsY
VoiceThreadYYYNYN (only Pro)N (only Pro)YLimits: 5 VoiceThreads, 75 MB total storage, 50 slides per VoiceThreadY
YAKiT KidsNNYNNNYNExports to photo roll or other apps as videosn/a



  1. Name Art by Rachel (3rd grade – AudioBoom – YouTube screencast version)
  2. Hyperbola Equation and Graph (9th grade – Narrable – YouTube screencast version) – original narrable version is offline
  3. Horses Boo (5th grade – AudioBoom
  4. Discussing Oak Ridge Glogster Project (8th grade – SoundCloud – YouTube screencast version)
  5. Kindergarten Book Review (AudioBoom)
  6. Ella on Vampire Bats (3rd grade – AudioBoom – more background on this archived post)
  7. Emily’s Narrative Art (AudioBoo)
  8. Austin’s Alien Gingerbread Story (2nd grade – AudioBoo)


  1. Flamingos at the Zoo (2nd grade – AudioBoo)
  2. US Arizona Impressions (Kindergarten – AudioBoom)
  3. Student-Created Sequoyah Book Reports, AudioBoo, iPads and QR Codes (4th / 5th grade – video is now offline)


  1. Drawing “Star People”
  2. How Can Someone Hack Your Website in a Coffee Shop? (live art screencast – Ask3 for iPad)
  3. The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future (time-lapse video – Camtasia Studio)
  4. Storychasing Philmont 2012 (with photos – AudioBoo)


Narrated Art Video: The Flipped Classroom as a Vehicle to the Future (YouTube)

Narrated Art eBook Single ($2.99)

Narrated Art eBook


Narrated Art Projects: Draw a picture or take a picture, and then record your voice with a website or app which shares your recording with your image. Narrated Art Projects provide excellent opportunities to practice meta-cognition, use nonlinguistic representation to boost student achievement, and improve oral communication skills. In this workshop we’ll view and discuss examples of student-created narrated art, and also create examples together in the session. Websites like AudioBoo and SoundCloud offer cloud-based audio recording and sharing using free smartphone applications as well as browser-based interfaces. Apps like ShowMe and Draw & Tell for iPad can streamline the creation and sharing of narrated art. Learn how narrated art projects can become important elements in students’ digital portfolios.

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    • Jackie on January 20, 2013 at 5:00 pm
    • Reply

    Great work. I’m always so inspired after being on your blog.

  1. I updated the comparative table of tools this evening. The old one was from March 2013, this one is updated for January 2015. I eliminated several tools and added others.

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