Cedar Rapids, Iowa (November 2012)

These are resources and links for Wesley Fryer’s workshop series November 29, 2012, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for College Community School District.

Reference Sites

  1. Mapping Media to the Curriculum – Simulation or Game
  2. Introducing 4th and 5th Graders to Scratch Software Possibilities
  3. Morning: PDF: All About Me Project
  4. Afternoon: Maze Games to Explore – Maze Game Curriculum – PDF: Create a Maze Game
  5. Scratch Camp Curriculum

Polls & Interactive Sites

  1. Prairie Pride 2012 (Our Class Blog Sandbox)
  2. Today’s Meet backchannel for Nov 29th
  3. Scratch Profile Poll (View our Scratch Profiles)
Email your 5 Photo stories to 5photos@posterous.com – View them (after approal on 5photos.posterous.com.

Other Stuff

  1. Resources from our Oct 2-3, 2012 Sessions
  2. Prairie Pride Digital Literacy Professional Development

Connect to & Learn with Wesley

  1. Twitter: @wfryer
  2. Google+
  3. FaceBook
  4. Blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  5. FaceBook page: Playing with Media
  6. FaceBook page: Speed of Creativity Learning
  7. eBook & Book: Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing
  8. Storychasers (@storychasers on Twitter, also on Facebook)
  9. Instagram: wfryer

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